Tuck Pointing is the most elaborate of the forms of brick restoration.  Tuck pointing is the process of utilising two contrasting colours of mortar within the mortar joints in order to create the visual effect that very fine joints have been made.  The signature white pin stripe of a tuck pointed heritage home creates that luxe effect that many home owners are seeking.  Want to know more or discuss if a tuck point is right for your home? Click the button below to be taken to our contact form.

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Over time weathering and decay can cause small voids to form in the mortar joints between bricks or other masonry units.  These voids can allow the entrance of water within the brick wall which in turn can cause further damage to the integrity of the structure.  Brick pointing or Repointing is the process in which a brick mason removes a percentage of the existing mortar before renewing the pointing by replacing it with new mortar.  Click the link below to contact us in regards to repointing your home.

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Stone pointing is the oldest of the masonry trades and with stone being a prominent design feature on the exterior of many houses in Newcastle and Sydney it is key to us that our Stone mason's work is completed with a level of integrity that compliments this ancient art.  Stone pointing follows the same principals of brick pointing or repointing. Over time weathering and decay can cause small voids to form in the mortar joints between each unit of stone.  This unfortunately can damage the integrity of the structure through the entrance of water within the voids.  Stone pointing is the process of removing a portion of the preexisting mortar before repointing the joints to not only enhance the structures integrity but also the overall appeal of the stonework.  This service, especially when paired with Tuck Pointing, can enhance a building's renovation through adding architectural integrity to the exterior facade.   Click the link below to contact us in regards to your precasting stonework. 

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Brick Restoration

Our brick restoration services are  carried across all aspects of masonry brickwork including, Strata and apartment buildings, commercial and residential, as well as traditional homes. Our restoration of apartments and strata buildings include lintel and flat bar replacement, brick stitching, heliflex crack repairs, flashing and water proofing aswell as brick tie installation. 

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We provide exceptional service to prevent further deterioration to weather and salt affected buildings including those along the coastal fringe. Many of these buildings you will find have wind damage where the face of the brick is extremely worn and may crumble due to the extent of years of battering weather. Salt damage is not uncommon when it comes to the buildings who have the privilege to sit among the beach suburbs. 

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